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Find the top acupuncture therapy near me in Bangalore for treatments of back pain, knee pain, migraines, fits, diabetes, arthritis, neck pain, slip disc, infertility, obesity, fibromyalgia, PCOD, sinusitis, allergies, hair loss, etc.

Therapy of Acupuncture is originated in China and is part of the TCM or traditional Chinese medicine and has its own systematic methods of diagnosis and disease treatments.

It is based upon TCM, which is known as traditional Chinese medicine around the world. Many acupuncture variations exist; for example, in Japan, a slightly different way of acupuncture has been performed where they use very fine needles with shallow insertion without achieving DeQi (dachi).

DeQi means arrival of Qi or the patient's sensation of numbness, tingling, distension, at the insertion of needle.

This can also radiate along the corresponding channel which is essential for the acupuncture therapy. The main Japanese acupunture characteristics include shallow needling without sensation of DeQi.

Theories of acupuncture

TCM theorizes that there are more than 2000 acupuncture points in the body that connect main and secondary channels or meridians as per Chinese medical practitioners.

These meridians or energy highways conduct energy or Qi between the internal organs and surface of the body.

These regulates the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental balance. This is also influenced by the yin and yang opposite forces as per traditional Chinese medicine.

Yin-Yang balance when they work together in harmony and with natural flow, which help the physical and mental health.

The main essence of the acupuncture mechanism is yin and yang balance and keep the normal flow of energy without any blockage; this together can restore the health of the body and the mind.

The traditional Chinese medicine includes the practices (acupuncture, herbals, massage, diet, physical exercises to improve the flow of Qi).

The Western Medicine Doctors and scientists believe meridian hard to find because meridians do not directly correspond to other structures in human body nerves or blood vessel pathways, while some other scientists believe that these channels are located throughout the body are connected to body and some other do not believe the existence of channels altogether. This has made a cube acupuncture controversial in the scientific field.

Cost of Acupuncture Therapeutic Session and Insurance

In India acupuncture costs are very minimal ranging from Indian rupees 200 to 900 INR based upon the location of clinic, city, and experience and qualifications of practitioner.

How to Validate Acupuncture Treatment Procedures?

Enquire about the treatment procedures that you undergo and their chances of success.

Patients also need to make sure acupuncturist uses 1 new set of sterile, disposable needles in a pre-sealed package every time you visit the clinic.

The Indian Acupuncture Council requires the use of sterile, disposable needles in pre sealed pack by qualified practitioners. Also, acupuncturist wipe the puncture site with alcohol or another before inserting the needle.

Some doctors may use electroacupuncture while others may use moxibustion (warming or heating with moxa herbal stick). This is to enhance acupuncture's therapeutic effect.

During patient's first clinic visit, acupuncturist may enquire about your health condition, past medical hitory, habits, lifestyle, and behavior.

Doctor can also obtain a complete report of your treatment needs and behaviors that might have contributed to the illness.

This holistic approach is hallmark of traditional Chinese medicine and many other alternative systems.

You need to let the acupuncturist know about all treatments or medications you are taking and also whether you have a pacemaker or pregnant, or have breast or other implants.

Acupuncture may be risky in some patients if they hide their information.


  • Natural, Non-surgical, non-drug therapy without any side effects or complications.
  • Low-cost, economical, safe therapy compared to Western Medicine that are costly and often with dangerous consequences.
  • Simple yet effective therapy for many incurable and chronic disease conditions that need life-time medications and do not respond to conventional medicine.
  • Acupressure therapy can be performed in remote locations without high-end infrastructure and does not need electricity, roads, beds, ventilators, MRI machines, etc.
  • Therapy with acupuncture system can cure many disease conditions, such as polio, which is incurable in many other systems.
  • Since sterile, disposible, new needles are used, acupuncture is painless and risk-free.
Acupuncture Therapy Near Me
How Acupuncture Treatments Work?

Several theories have been proposed to explain the effects of acupuncture, especially condition like pain.

Acupuncture points are known to stimulate central nervous system, that includes brain and spinal cord, to release certain chemicals in to structures like muscles spinal cord, and brain.

These chemicals released by needling affect how the brain perceives the pain or it makes brain to release other chemicals, such as hormones.

These influence the body's homeostatic or self-regulating systems. Biochemical alterations stimulate the natural healing abilities of the body and promote the physical and emotional wellbeing.

Let's study how acupuncture work when you put needles in the body.

1) Electromagnetics in signal conduction. There is some evidence that acupuncture points are located on strategic conductors of electromagnetic signals. When you stimulate these pathways with needles, you can enable electromagnetic signals to be relayed at higher rate than under the normal circumstances.

The signals will initiate release of pain-killing biochemicals, such as endorphins and immune cells at the site of diseases.

2) Activation of opioid systems. When there is acupuncture treatment, it makes brain to produce certain types of opioids from the central nervous system that reduces pain.

3) many clinical trials show that needling alters brain chemistry and make brain to release various neurotransmitters and neurohormones which affects the involuntary body functions (self-healing parasympathetic nervous systems such as immune reactions, blood pressure, blood flow, body temperatures, as part of homeostatic mechanism.

What to Expect from Acupuncture Sessions?

You are expected to lie down on the table or sit on the chair and you are explained about the use of sterile, disposable needle. These are usually made up of metals and are very fine hair-thin, solid, copper-headed or steel needles. These are totally different from hypodermic needle that are used to draw the blood from the body or to inject certain drug solutions into the body. These are usually painful.

What to Expect During Therapy of Acupuncture?

Usually you don't get any pain or bleeding at the site of acupuncture needle insertion except slight sensation of ant bite or mosquitoes bite.

Some patients are energized by the therapy, while others feel very relaxed. Some patients might also have the fear of acupuncture because of needle insertion; however, improper needle placement or movement of the patient while needling or any deflection in the needle can cause soreness and pain during acupuncture treatment.

This is the main reason why you need to take the treatment from qualified and experience licensed acupuncture practitioner.

Treatment Duration is usually 20 to 60 minutes. You are expected to sit or lie down over table. Usually 12 sittings to 70 sittings are needed based upon the condition or style of acupuncture you undergo.

Difference between acupressure and acupuncture therapies

How to Find the right Acupuncture Therapy Near Me In Bangalore?

It is now easy for you to find the proper acupuncturist near me (your)

  • Look up in Google My Business or in search by typing "Acupuncturist near me".
  • Look for reviews and read them to know patients' feedbacks about that particular acupuncturist listed in Google business page.
  • Look for qualifications, professional credentials, experience, years of practice, experience.
  • Find the location of clinic in Google Map and call the acupuncturist to confirm the timings and business hours.
  • Inquire about fees, cost of therapy, consultation cost, duration of treatment, total number of acupuncture sittings required, etc.
  • Always chose state govt or central govt healthy body-registered acupuncture doctors in India, such as KEMP-Registered or Ayush-registered doctors  in Karnataka.

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