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Acupuncture treatments include treating patients, using alternative healing method, by inserting very thin, disposable, sterile needles into various locations over body in order to achieve desired results based on various principles of traditional Chinese medicine. 

Acupuncture Treatment

As per latest research, acupuncture treatments are suggested for various body pains, to regulate abnormal blood sugars (diabetes), high blood pressure, hormonal imbalance and to reduce stress and fatigue, to induce sleep, to improve energy levels, etc.

WHO recommends acupuncture treatments for more than 3500 diseases from over 22 body systems.

Acupuncture Therapy sessions are economical, effective, WHO-recommended, safe, simple for all pains, disc/spine problems, migraines, headaches, infertility, arthritis, varicose veins, diabetes, high BP, etc.

No drugs > No side effects  No  surgery> No complications. Safer than AYUSH treatments and FASTER than allopathy.

Treatment by Allopathy cum Acupuncture Medical Doctors with 20 years of experience in treating and training more than 15,000 patients from India, Britain, Middle East, USA

New Sterile, Fine Needles with PAINLESS Insertion Techniques. No Pain, No Infection, No Fear.  If you have fear of needles, try acupressure or Laser Needles (German)

Acupuncture Treatment for Pain 

Acupuncture Treatment for Pain is very popular way to relieve various types of pains, both acute and chronic, including headache, back pain, knee pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, etc. It also helps for postoperative pain.

As per research, it works by producing endorphin (endogenous morphine) and by jamming various pain gates in spinal cord, thereby acting as analgesics.

Acupuncture Treatments

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