Natural cure for infertility

If you are struggling to get pregnant and have tried IVF and other treatments with failure, then it is high time, you consider this 5000 years old, WHO-recommended all-natural Acupuncture treatments for infertility.

Now, you can try acupuncture for infertility with great success rate. Lot of people ask acupuncture for infertility where do the needles go? they can be put in hands, feet, over abdomen, or over ear.

What to expect acupuncture for fertility? You may need to visit TCM acupuncturist who has some experience in treating fertility cases.

You may be check for pulse and tongue for accurate diagnosis, then a treatment plan spanning several visits ranging from few weeks to months.

What are Acupuncture for fertility points?

  • Kidney meridian points, such as Kid3, Kid7, Kid5
  • Liver meridian points, such as Liv3, Liv8, Liv4.
  • Spleen meridian points, such as Sp6, Sp3, Sp5
  • Du Meridian points, such as Du3, Du4, Du2
  • Ren or Conception meridian points, such as Ren 3, Ren4, Ren6
  • Other points include to promote blood flow and Qi flow to meridians.


                                            Top Acupuncture Points for Pregnancy

When to Get Acupuncture for Fertility?

Acupuncture helps to release the energy blocks according to Chinese medicine.

Acupuncture for fertility helps to improve the blood circulation to the reproductive organs. It also rebalances the hormone levels and also relieves stress. 


Scientific studies have shown that acupuncture is very effective often. Also, effective for polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) cases as a cause of infertility. 

You can take acupuncture therapy between 6 and 8 days of follicle stimulation in women. It is also used as add-on therapy in in-vitro fertilization (IVF) to increase its success rates.

An acupuncture session of 30-minute duration is necessary for fertility. This releases the fertility Qi (pronounced as chi).

Acupuncture for Fertility Cost

The cost depends upon many factor, such as location, reason for infertility, duration of treatment, number of sessions, mode of therapy, etc.

Usually, many acupuncturists charge around Rs 250 to 900 per sitting. However, you can chose package, which includes integrated medicine that combines acupuncture with other alternative medicine treatments. 

These include nutritional counselling, lifestyle modifications, exercise regimens, biofeedback therapy, supplements, etc.

Generally, acupuncture for fertility is very cost-effective, economical, safe treatment without any side effects. 


The frequency of treatment depends upon your pre-existing conditions, cause of infertility, your other medical conditions, etc.  You may need to come 3-5 times a week at beginning. Then once a week or month maintenance treatment.


There are many clinical studies or scientific studies that have appeared in various medical journals or newspapers to prove that acupuncture is indeed effective for infertility treatment.

We have mentioned few newspaper links of clinical trials of infertility here to prove that acupuncture works for infertility



Now, you can also try acupuncture for infertility treatments before trying costly, artificial IVF centres. Acupuncture is safe, effective, evidence-based, WHO-recommended 5000 years' old medical practice.  You can save 70,000 INR to 500,000 INR by choosing acupuncture over IVF treatments. Call +91-7676760107 for more information.

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