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AcuSTAR Pain clinic has best back pain doctors near me in Bangalore, Nagarabhavi, Vijayanagr, Hebbal, Kengeri, Mysore road, Rajajinagar

If you are looking for best orthopedic doctor near me for back pain, then you need to Visit Dr Rudresh's clinic, which has top orthopedic doctors for your back pain.

So many people have back pain now-a-days due to sitting in front of desk and using mobile phone and traveling over two-wheeler and back pain patients seek back pain treatment in Bangalore at AcuSTAR Acupuncture & Cold Laser Clinic.

You can search for lower back pain doctors near me in Google and can find Dr Rudresh, who treats any mild or severe back pain using acupuncture that can cure severe back pain in just 5 minutes.

Many patients who are diagnosed with any disc or spine problems, such as slip disc, disc bulge, herniated disc, dessicated disc usually call lower back pain doctors near me for immediate pain relief without pain killers.

Please call Dr Rudresh for back pain treatment near me if you are worried about analgesics and their side effects, such as gastritis, acidity, stomach ulcers, kidney damage due to long-term usage of pain killers, such as ibuprofen, aspirin, diclofenac sodium, etc.

Ms Uma was looking for lower back pain treatment near me for her herniated disc in L4-l5 and S1 area due to lifting heavy weight without proper bending. After she approached Dr Rudresh, who is the back pain specialist in Bangalore, who treated her using blood cupping over lumbar area, she could feel immediate pain relief in her back and was able to touch her toes without back stiffness.

AcuSTAR has best back pain doctors in Bangalore, who use non-drug, non-surgical approach to treat any back pain caused by any reason. Back pain treatment due to slip disc without spine surgery is possible using Dorn therapy that treats all the disc and spine problems without surgery, and the patient can see instant pain relief and can verify the slip disc getting resolved by taking post-treatment MRI scan of back.

Top doctors for back pain in Bangalore in Vijayanagar, Kengeri, Hebbal, Nagarahavi, Rajajinagar, etc., can be found in AcuSTAR clinic branches by dialling +91-7676760107 for home visit of physiotherapists and acupuncturists in Bangalore.

Dr Rudresh, MD, PhD, is best back pain doctor near me in Bangalore, who has 20 years of experience and has treated more than 1000s patients with severe back pain with chronic spine/disc problems without surgery, without drugs.

Acupressure treatment for back pain works really great if it is performed by experienced and certified acupressure doctors in Bangalore at AcuSTAR who have international qualifications in Acupressure treatments for slip disc, herniated disc causing back pain.

Top back pain doctors near me is Dr Rudresh and Dr Sharan, who have been trained internationally in pain management, so that patients do not have to take pain killers for life time.

The one reason why Dr Rudresh is best back pain doctor near me in Bangalore at AcuSTAR Pain Clinic is that he can treat any acute or chronic back pain and give relief in just 2-5 minutes using integrated medicine.

If you are suffering from long-term chronic back pain, mid back pain, upper back pain, then you need to seek treatment from top back pain doctors near me by visiting best pain clinic in Bangalore

AcuSTAR has India's top knee pain doctors near me in Bangalore who have successfully treated many severe knee pain patients due to degenerative knee arthritis, gouty arthritis knee pain, and rheumatoid arthritis knee pain.

Best knee pain treatments near in Bangalore include electroacupuncture for knee pain, coldLASER therapy for chronic knee pain, Dorn Therapy from German for knee pain with bone-one-bone arthritis pain with severe wear and tear of knee joints.

AcuSTAR Wellness has top-rated doctors near me for back pain with alternative medicine treatments apart from top physiotherapy and orthopedic specialists in Bangalore for debilitating back pain.


Spondylosis / spondylitis / slip disc of neck clinic 

Neck Pain Treatment Doctors Near Me

Due to chronic mobile usage with bending forward of head while texting SMS message or using Whatsapp, so many kids and youngsters now-a-days complain of acute or chronic neck pain and look for neck pain doctors near me.

Neck pain, torticollis, neck stiffness may result due to cervical spondylosis or spondylitis due to slip disc or herniated disc in neck can cause severe neck pain and AcuSTAR has best neck pain treatment clinic near me Bangalore with immediate relief of neck pain without pain killers in just 5 minutes.

Due to increase in junk food usage and food poisoning after eating street food, many patients complain acute stomach upset and call stomach pain doctors near me. Using Master Tung acupuncture, 4 Flowers needling in stomach channel on leg can relief any stomach pain, flatus, passing of gas, acidity, gastric ulcers, IBS, constipation in one single treatment. 

Chest pain doctors near me include cardiologists, pulmonologists, acupuncturists, internal medicine doctors near me in Bangalore. At AcuSTAR Acupuncture clinic, doctors treat chest pain and chest tightness using Emergency acupuncture to relief chest pain due to myocardial infarction or GERD.



  • Electroacupuncture with needling around knee and electric stimulation using TENS machine to relieve knee pain by inducing flood flow and by producing endorphins (morphine pain killer produced by our own body). 
  • ColdLASER treatments.
  • Dorn method therapy for aligning knee joints for any dislocation of knee joints that may cause knock knee and knee pain due to difference in leg or limb lengths.
  • Physiotherapy treatments near me for knee pain in Bangalore.
  • Acupressure blood cupping in Bangalore for instant knee pain relief.
joint pain doctors near me

Joints Pains include acute or chronic pains in knee joint, neck joint, hip joints, ankle joints, interphalangeal joints, wrist joints, elbow joints. Joints pains can be due to

  • Chronic inflammation with pain and swelling of joints
  • Acute or chronic trauma or injury to joints, i.e., during sports.
  • Degenerative changes due to wear and tear or due to aging.
  • Due to excess uric acid crystal deposits in joints causing gout.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis in hand and finger joints due to autoimmune disease.

If you have above conditions, then you need to see medical attention by visiting best joint pain doctors near me in Bangalore (AcuSTAR Joint Care Clinic: Ph 7676760107) for best joint pain clinic near me to get instant joint pain relief and permanent cure of joint arthritis.

pain clinic near me in bangalore

Why pain clinic offers best pain management options if you can get pain relief using pain killers, such as Dolo 650 or aspirin? the answer is pain killers just suppress the pain temporarily and pain will come back. The pain killers or analgesics have severe side effects including permanent kidney failure.

AcuSTAR is the top pain clinic for best pain treatment doctors in Bangalore near me who offer long-term solutions to all of your pains instead of temporary masking of pain. 

Dr Rudresh uses 100% natural pain relief remedies and gives best pain cure treatments in just 5 minutes by using America's Richard Tan Balance method of pain cure.  Also by finding the root causes of all pains, Dr Rudresh cures all of your pains permanently.

shoulder pain doctors near me in Bangalore

With aging and long term diabetic conditions, many elderly patients suffer from frozen shoulder condition and acute or chronic stiffness and pain in shoulder. Then, patients seek relief from shoulder pain doctors near me in Bangalore. 

Shoulder pains can also occur due to periarthritis, pericapsulitis, due to shoulder injury or due to fracture of glenohumeral joints bones.

If you are searching for top orthopedic doctors or physiotherapists, then fix an appointment with Dr Rudresh of AcuSTAR Joint Care in Bangalore for best acupressure or acupuncture or cupping therapy for shoulder pain or frozen shoulder pain.

leg pain doctors near me

Does your legs hurt when you workout in jims or do yoga or walk for long time in park, then you must be suffering from ischemic vascular disease of legs or intermittent claudications in legs.

Lots of women complain leg pain after standing and cooking in kitchen, so do not worry if you have leg pain or swollen legs or feet. We have best treatment options for leg pain in Bangalore with or without swollen feet or legs  and top leg pain doctors near me in Bangalore.

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