hair loss-baldness treatment with hijama cupping & acupuncture

hair growth

eatments for Hair Loss 

Hijama is ancient Acupressure Blood Cupping Therapy over specific therapeutic points over body's meridians.

>> Hijama for Hair Loss is form of Hijama where sterile, disposable cups are placed over particular points over head/scalp (usually shaven) with pricking for blood. Hijama for Hair Loss Benefits

  •  Hijama is Simply Best Treatment for restoring lost hair in men & women
  • Compared to hair transplant and hair fixing, it is 100% Natural, Works Faster, Safer, and Cheaper than Hair Transplant and/or hair wigs or hair bonding.
  • No Anesthesia, No Bleeding, No Risks, No Pus, No Rejection Chances, No Cuts on Head, No Artificial Hair.
  • Hijama Rs 900/sitting vs Hair Transplant 2-5 lacs cost. 95% success rate in hijama

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