aCUPUNCTURE-Acupressure TREATMENTS AT HOME for common illnesses


Self-Acupressure-Acupressure Treatments at Home for Common Illnesses

The common treatments for acupressure at home include nausea, vomiting, insomnia or sleeplessness, back pain, knee pain, stress, diabetes, hypertension.

You can learn acupressure by a qualified trainer and perform various acupressure at home using acupressure pen only once you are confident of treating yourself.

Usually acupressure at home doesn't work because many self-acupressure treatment protocols include only few specific points.

Without actual and proper diagnosis using pulse and tongue diagnosis includes in-depth understanding of human body and the anatomy and physiology and meridians.

To perform self-acupressure acupuncture treatments at home, one must have indepth knowledge about 12 Meridians, their origin, how they traverse, where they end and how the Qi flows through these meridians, and the locations and the functions of each and every acupressure points.

The common symptomatic acupressure points for acupressure treatments at home.

Please find list of eight commonly used self-acupressure points at home for health.

Large Intestine 4 (LI4): He Gu
This point is good for stress, headaches, toothaches, facial pain and neck pain. However, as a word of precaution, it can induce labor and must never be used during pregnancy.

Gallbladder 20 (GB20): Feng Chi
This point is recommended for headache, migraine, eye blurriness or fatigue, low energy, and cold/flu symptoms. It is located by feeling the mastoid (ear) bone and following the groove back to where the neck muscles attach to the skull.

Gallbladder 21 (GB21): Jian Jing
This point is located by pinching the shoulder muscle with your thumb and middle finger and is commonly used for stress, facial pain, headaches, toothaches and neck pain. Use with caution in pregnant women.

Liver 3 (LV3): Tai Chong
You need to take off your shoe to find this point. This is an excellent area to stimulate for stress, low back pain, high blood pressure, limb pain, insomnia and emotional upset.

Triple Energizer 3: Zhong Zhu
This point is located in the groove formed by the tendons of the 4th and 5th finger, behind the knuckles and is commonly used in the clinic for temporal headaches, shoulder and neck tension, and upper back pain.

Pericardium 6 (P6): Nei Guan
This point can help provide relief for nausea, anxiety, carpal tunnel syndrome, upset stomach, motion sickness and headaches and is even used for regulation of heart palpitations.

Stomach36 (ST36): Zu San Li
You can find this point useful for fatigue and depression as well as knee pain and gastrointestinal discomfort. Asians frequently stimulate this point for health promotion and longevity.

Spleen 6 (SP6): San Yin Jiao
This point can be very helpful for many urological and pelvic disorders as well as fatigue and insomnia. Avoid during pregnancy.

Top acupressure points for self treatments at home include St36, Li4, Du20, Li11, Liv3, Gb21, Gb20, Sp6, Sp9, Ub40, Du14, Kid3, etc.

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If you ware wondering how to learn acupressure at home, first you need to watch few acupressure videos in youtube and then buy some acupressure books in Amazon. If you still do not understand, please join any good acupressure training courses to learn from experienced doctors who have medical background and experience in teaching acupressure.

Here you can find best acupressure points videos in youtube but they may be confusing in the beginning.

Acupressure points treatments for diabetes include St 36, Sp6, Li4, Sp3, Gb21, UB23, UB20, etc. However, an accurate diagnosis using pulse, tongue, history taking, Hb1Ac test, metabolic profile testing are essential for proper acupressure treatment for diabetes.

Acupressure points treatments for pain include Li4, St 44, Ling Du, Da Bai, etc. Depending upon types of pain, you can choose other acupressure points. For Eg. For knee pain, use local points, such as Gb34, St 34, Knee eyes, etc.

Common acupressure points treatments for back pain include Li4, Ub23, Du4, Ub 40.

Acupressure points treatments for knee pain include local points, distal points, empirical points, SP4 for swelling, Ub40, Ub 60, Gb34, St 34, St 35, Sp 10, etc.

Acupressure points treatments for migraines include Gb14, Yin Tang, Du 20, Li4, etc., based upon types of headaches.

For acupressure points treatments for headaches, please see above.

Acupressure points treatments for acidity include Pc6, St 25, and other points.

Acupressure points treatments for indigestion include St 36, St34, Sp 6, St 25, etc.

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Can I learn acupressure at home? answer is yes and no. Yes for basic theory and no for practicals and clinicals. If you want to become an expert, then you need have bedside acupuncture training under expert supervision.

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