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Acupuncturist Near Me in Nagarabhavi, Rajajinagar, Kengeri, Hebbal, HSR Layout

If you are looking for acupuncturist near me for any pain (neck pain back pain, neck pain, slip disc pain, migraine, paralysis, fits, sciatica pain, headaches, body pain), diabetes, hypertension, obesity, infertility digestive problems, acidity, gastritis, arthritis, then you can visit AcuSTAR Wellness Clinic located in Vijayanagar, Kengeri, Nagarbhavi, Hebbal, HSR Layout branches.

Dr Rudresh is best acupuncturist near me in Bangalore in Vijayanagar, Kengeri, Nagarbhavi, Hebbal, HSR Layout as he is KPME-registered and KSDC-licensed with 20 years of experience in training and treating more than 15000 patients. Also he has experience of treating and training at least 5,000 doctors from India, USA, and Middle East. Dr Rudresh is also rated as best acupuncturist in Bangalore with the help of 32 five star reviews in Google mybusiness, in justdial reviews, and Facebook reviews.

Many patients search for top acupuncturists in Google for their health conditions in order to get top acupuncture treatments in Bangalore and to get best results by top acupuncturist near me as many acupuncturists are not real doctors and, therefore, they do not have any proper training and experience, so patients are really worried about getting the best acupuncture treatments for their common ailments.

Without a doubt, Dr Rudresh of AcuSTAR provides the best acupuncture treatments near me as he is both allopathy and acupuncture doctor with additional qualifications and experience in functional medicine from USA and clinical nutrition. If you see AcuSTAR Youtube Patients' feed back videos, there is no doubt in my mind that Dr Rudresh is genuine acupuncture doctor.

Best acupuncture in bangalore near me for my health problems such as diabetes, obesity, migraine, back pain can be found in Google search.

AcuSTAR also has a branch and provides top acupuncture treatment in Rajajinagar, Bangalore near Bhashyma circle.

Dr Rudresh's Acupressure centres near me include 4 branches in AcuSTAR Wellness Clinic located in Vijayanagar, Kengeri, Nagarbhavi, Hebbal, HSR Layout.

Many patients would like to have drug-less therapy without side effects from drugs, then patients look for acupressure near me and then they can find AcuSTAR acupressure centre near you.

Acupuncture specialist is one who has at least 5 years of Medical Education in any reputed Medical College with additional qualifications and training in TCM Chinese Acupuncture where they learn basics of TCM, Meridians, master all 365 acupressure points, then study pathology, tongue diagnosis, pulse diagnosis to identify syndromes and then chose appropriate point combinations.

Acupuncture clinic is any other healthcare field that provides various medical treatments in a clinical setup with the help of acupuncture needles acupressure pens and also they can use laser needles are ultrasonic medals over various acupuncture points in order to stimulate the flow of energy to the medians or to remove the Qi blockage in order to treat various pains and other chronic conditions

There are so many acupuncture clinics in Bengaluru, but you need to always look for acupuncture clinic nearby so that you can book an acupuncture appointment and take necessary treatment for your condition.

Why should you look for best acupuncturist near me in Bangalore? The answer is very simple. You need to get the best treatment by the best acupuncture doctors so that you can have the best treatment results without suffering from too much pain or the side effects of drugs.

When you suffer from persistent and chronic knee pain, back pain, neck pain, migraines, etc., you definitely need to look for top acupuncturist near me in Bangalore as they can help you to relieve your pain in few minutes without using any painkillers and without suffering any side effects.

Recently due to sedentary lifestyle and obesity and due to sitting in one position for long time, many suffer muscle spasm or disc problems such as slip disc, herniated discs, protrusion of discs and complain of back pain and back stiffness. Then they need to find best acupuncturist near me for back pain as many people cannot bear the severe pain in the back.

So many people are suffering from acute or chronic back pains that last for few minutes to few days and that affects their day to day activities, and even it can limit their movements. Why cannot they call top acupuncturist near me for back pain for immediate back pain relief so that they can walk or perform their daily activities.

Due to heavy mobile usage, many people hold their heads in forward position while they use social media such as WhatsApp. This can result in abnormal position of the head and abnormal spine alignment.

This can result in disc protrusion, which can pinch the spinal cord and spinal nerves and can result in severe cervical spondylosis and neck pain or torticollis.

If you can't bear neck pain or if painkillers don't work then definitely you can reach best acupuncturist near me for neck pain in Bangalore for neck pain relief without pain killers or without spine surgery.

If you can't rotate your neck or if you think you need cervical collar to hold your neck straight or if sitting in one position can cause neck pain or stiffness in the neck muscles, then please call top acupuncturist near me for neck pain for an acupuncture session to see if it can help you.

Due to constant forward bending, patients can suffer disc protrusion or misalignment of the cervical spinal column, and this can result in slip disc and protruded disc an impinge upon the surrounding spinal nerves causing severe neck pain and torticollis, so please call the best acupuncturist near me for slip disc treatments without surgery, without complications.

Actually slip dis diagnostic scan and take in MRI once you are diagnosed with slip disc please call is not the correct term. Every disc ha soft jelly-like material inside annulus fibrosis (the outer tough fibrous wall).

This jelly-like substance is called as nucleus pulposus which can come out through the week, perforated annulus fibrosus and that can apply the pressure over the nearest nerve or spinal cord, and this is called as slip disc or slipped disc.

If you have constant pain or stiffness in the neck or burning sensation time and numbness in your hands you might have slipped disc. Then you need to go to the nearest AcuSTAR Spine/Disc Clinic for treatment with top acupuncturist near me for slip disc.

Migraine is defined as a one-sided headache that comes and goes and is triggered by bright light, sunlight, hot sun, annoying sounds, traffic noise, certain foods like dairy products or certain drugs or certain events or stress or tensions. Please consult top acupuncturist near me for migraine as only Chinese medicine needling treatment can cure your migraines permanently without pain killers for a lifetime.

Migraine is also called a tension headache, and the patient feels like as if somebody is hitting the head with a hammer or pricking the head with needles. If you suffer acute or chronic migraines, and if painkillers are not working for you anymore and if your Neurologist is not helping you, then please call the best acupuncturist near me for migraine as acupuncture is the only natural treatment that really works for migraine with the instant and permanent cure of all migraine headaches.

Paralysis means separation of mind from the body which means the patient loses control over the body functions

There are different types of paralysis. Paralysis is also called as plegia (hemiplegia, paraplegia, quadriplegia, hemiparesis, etc.) Plegia means palsy or loss of control. Paralysis can be upper body paralysis or a lower-body paralysis. Plegia can be right or left side paralysis or paralysis of only upper and Lower Limbs. If paralytic patients call top acupuncturist near me for paralysis, their paralysis can be cured within a few days.

Paralysis happens after any trauma or injury or stroke that is a brain attack. If you think you are diagnosed of paralysis as a stroke sequelae, then immediately call the best acupuncturist near me for paralysis and get immediate treatment to completely cure your paralysis.


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