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AcuSTAR Wellness is Best Acupuncture, Cupping, Chiorpractic, Reverse Diabetes Clinic Near Me in Bangalore. It is founded by by Dr Rudresh, who is KA-HN Scientific Award-Winning professional medical doctor with qualifications in allopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, nutrition, diabetes reversal with 23 years of working experience including US Hospitals.

AcuSTAR Wellness is a premier Govt KPME-Rgd, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Cupping, Diabetes Reversal, Spine & Disc Care clinic in Namma Bangalore located in Nagarabhavi (near Vijayanagar) and Jakkuru (near Hebbal Flyover/Aiport Road), .

AcuSTAR Nagarabhavi Branch (Shifted from Vijayanagar) is a primier acupuncture, cupping, chiropractic, diabetic clinic in Bangalore/Bengaluru with state-of-art 2000 sq ft infrastructure with ample car parking, off Nagarabhavi Ring Road. It has all the latest equipments like Laser Acupuncture, Infrared Sauna, Computerized Spinal Traction Table, Nerve Lift Vacuum Machine, Colon Hydrotherapy Facilities. etc. It has 2 toilets, 1 infrared sauna, 4 treatment rooms, 1 waiting room, 1 consultation room, dedicated car parking space, etc.

AcuSTAR uses 5 element diagnosis to diagnose root causes of diseases and treats and cures not just symptoms but also root causes of many incurable diseases using holistic health care. Unlike Ayurveda/homeopathy, you do not have to wait for months to see results.

Acupuncture works as fast a allopathy but without side effects. Also, No need of multiple tablets/insulin for multiple diseases/symptoms, Five element acupuncture treats multiple diseases with single treatment…

Dr Ridresh is an allopathy cum acupuncture specialist with 23 years of experience [from US hospitals like OHSU, UMICH, St Josheph’s Hospital, etc] and international training from Spain, Colombo, USA, etc.

AcuSTAR Wellness is specialized in treating very-difficult-to-cure diseases like sciatica, spinal nerve impingement due to disc bulge/herniated discs/slipped discs, lumbar spondylitis, cervical spondylosis, degenerative disc diseases, hemiplegia, paralysis, diabetes neuropathy, reverse diabetes and hypertension, stress/insomnia, arthritis/knee pain, frozen shoulder, Parkinson diseases, kidney failure or CKD/chronic kidney disease, liver failure/cirrhosis, skin allergies, hypothyroidism, PCOD/PCOS, infertility, etc.

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