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pain specialist

Call for an appointment with best pain specialist in Bangalore for debilitating chronic pains, such as knee pain, back pain, neck pain, hip pain, leg pain, sciatica pain, migraines, headaches for instant relief of pain and permanent cure of recurrent pains that do not respond to pain killers, steroids, pain medicine injections.

You can call Dr Rudresh, the top pain specialist near me in Bangalore at AcuSTAR Nagarabhavi, Vijayanagar, Hebbal, HSR layout, Kengeri, Electronic City, Sarjapura roads. Top pain specialists are one who can relieve patients' severe pains in knees, back, hip, leg, head, ankle, wrist, etc., using natural pain relief methods like acupuncture, cold Laser, acupressure, massage, biofeedback mechanisms, Dorn therapy, etc. 

best pain specialist in Bangalore near me


Pains are very common across majority of 7 billion people on this earth in 21st century. Many patients take top pain killer tablets, pain relief gel,  pain relief tablets,  pain relief patches, knee cap pain, pain relief medicine, but after few years, pain killers not stop working, pain actually increases. Also, patients have suffer from dangerous side effects of pain killers.

If your back pain recurs or worsens, you need call best back pain specialist near me for best back pain specialist like licenced acupuncturist, who can use TCM or Master Tung acupuncture treatments that actually cure your long-term pains in a matter of few sittings. 

If you suffer severe migraines that do not respond to Brufin, aspirin, Dicloran, then you can approach best pain management specialist near me in Bangalore like Dr Rudresh who is the best pain specialist in Bangalore for best pain management of neck pain, hip pain, fracture pains, slip disc pain, nerve pain, etc.

Many people suffer from autoimmune diseases, which causes severe pains, such as multiple sclerosis pain, rheumatoid arthritis joint pains, neuropathy pains, then you can take an appointment with specialist doctor near me in pain specialist clinic pain. 

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