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What is Slip Disc?

Slip disc means extrusion of jelly- like nucleus pulposus inside the disc that comes out through a weak sport of annulus fibrosis that contains the core. Actually, slip disc is the wrong term.

Slip disc actually does not exists, it is slipped nucleus pulposis that is the correct term


  • Slipped disc or slip disc
  • Herniated disc or disc herniation
  • Disc or Spine Dessication
  • Prolpased disc or disc prolapse
  • Disc bulge or bulged disc
  • Spondylosis or spondylitis
  • Dog Hump over neck.

Many young people start slip disc diseases at young age, but do not have any symptoms.


  1. Pain over neck, mid back, low back, especially after sitting or sleeping for long time.
  2. Stiffness over lumbar or low back area and neck area.
  3. Tingling, numbness, heavyness, burning sensation at toes, fingers, and hands.
  4. Sciatica pain due to nerve impingement at lumbar spine that radiates down over back or sides of leg area.
  5. Difficulty in lifting or squatting with associated pain.
  6. Deceased range of motion with difficulty in ADLs; daily activities.   
  • Sedentary life styles with sitting in front of desk for a longer period of time.
  • Obesity that pulls back lower back.
  • Mobile usage with bending head forward for prolonged duration.
  • Wrong Gym workouts like dead lift, leg press, weight lifting, ab workouts.
  • Improper poster and ergonomics.
  • Trauma or accidents over back and neck, such as MVA or falls.
  • Some Yoga exercises or poses done without expert guidance.
  • Unknown causes.

Many patients continue to suffer from slip disc, while in others symptoms subside themselves after few years.

slip disc treatments in bangalore

  • Dorn Method Treatments to treat root causes of slip disc
  • Craniosacral therapy.
  • Cold LASER treatments to heal spondylosis / spondylitis.
  • Chinese cupping therapy, which increases blood supply to back and discs to heal them. Also cupping relieves muscle tension over the back that cause slip disc.
  • Blood Cupping / Hijama treatments for slip disc removes blockages in UB meridians over back that relieve slip disc pain in few minutes.
  • Acupuncture and acupressure treatments / therapy over UB meridians, GB meridians, DU meridians, in legs and hands are used to treat slip disc and back pain.
  • Physiotherapy exercises and McKenzi exercises are also very good for slip disc.
  • Sometime, slip disc can heal itself if root causes are removed.

AcuSTAR spine and disc clinic offers best slip disc treatments in Bangalore for patients who are looking for slip disc cure without surgery in Bangalore.

Dr Rudresh offers slip disc treatments without surgery in Bangalore, Karnataka. For best slip disc treatment in bangalore, please call 7676760107 as they offer best slip disc treatment without surgery in India, which costs 2-8 lakhs and spine surgery has lots of complications like paralysis, permanent disability, etc.

Top 10 slip doctors who offer best herniated disc treatments near me in Bangalore without surgery include Dr Rudresh from AcuSTAR. If you are looking for Ayurvedic treatment for slip disc in bangalore, Dr Sharan is the best ayurvedic doctor in bangalore for herniated disc treatments without surgery.

For top 10 slip disc treatments without surgery clinics in bangalore, you can consider AcuSTAR which has records of treating so many patients with severe back pain, neck pain due to cervical spondylosis and bulged disc in lumbar and neck areas.

Slip disc back pain exercises

Here are Top Scientifically Proven Exercises for Slip Disc Cure without Surgery

  1. Avoid Squatting, Bending Forward to Touch Toes.
  2. Avoid Heavy lifting of weights.
  3. Avoid Ab workouts, Leg pushes, Leg Press in Gyms.
  4. Lye down and bend upwards and forwards to reverse slip disc.
  5. Do light stretching exercises to relax back muscles.
  6. Using inversion table, you can invert around 45 degrees for 10 minutes to relive some pressure over pinched nerves due to slip disc.
  7. Use McKenze exercises for slipped disc and back pain. Please watch slip disc youtube exercise video below.
How I cured My Slip Disc, Back Pain, Neck Pain Sciatica, here is Youtube Video
        Best Youtube Slip Disc Exercises for Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sciatica

slip disc back pain treatments

Here you can best slip disc treatments with top specialist for back pain relief.

  • Blood cupping or Hijama over lumbar area and UB 40 acupuncture points.
  • Dorn method self-help exercises and Dorn treatments by Experts.
  • Chinese cupping over Back Shu points to relive muscle tension.
  • Electroacupuncture needling over back-local and distal points.
  • ColdLASER for 6 minutes can heal slipped or herniated discs.
  • Acupressure or acupuncture can stimulate points to remove Qi blockage in back Back meridians (UB/Gb meridians)
  • Use inversion table using gravity to relive some pressure off your discs.
  • McKenzie exercises can help back pain associated with slip disc.

Best Dorn Method Treatment Specialist in Bangalore for Your Slip Disc Back Pain
slip disc causes back pain 

Slipped disc can one of the main reason for getting severe back pain with stiffness in the back, especially while bending forward or while getting up after lying over bed.  Slipped disc can pinch the spinal nerve roots. This can cause spinal canal stenosis or neural foraminal narrowing that irritates nerves. This causes severe back pain over lumbar area (lower back pain).

Back pain due to slip disc can also affect sciatic nerve, which can cause sciatica nerve down the side and back of thighs and legs. Sciatica can also cause numbness of legs.

Slip disc back pain relief includes laminectomy and discectomy to relieve the pressure over pinched nerve roots. This also includes lumbar microdiscectomy or laminectomy through key holes.

However, spinal surgery has severe complications like cardiac arrest, damaged spinal cord, paralysis, permanent disability. So, be careful about spinal surgeries. 

DO NOT believe spine doctors assurance or hospital advertisement about slip disc spinal surgeries. Always read hospital patient's informed consent before signing it.

Natural Back Pain Relief Treatments Due to Slip Disc

  • Blood cupping over lumbar-lower back area and UB40 (behind knee cap) by an experienced medical doctor with acupuncture training can relieve any severe back pain or back stiffness due to slip disc in just 2-5 minutes. This is the Quickest and safest nonsurgical, non-drug therapy for immediate back pain relief in the world!
  • Dorn Method therapy, very popular slip disc treatment in Germany, encompasses physiotherapy, chiropractice, and osteopathy. 
  • Best Dorn Method Therapy near me in Bangalore  by top Dorn Therapy specialists near me, Dr Rudresh, can find all the root causes of slip disc and back pain, like difference in leg or limb lengths, joint dislocations, that put extra pressure over discs can be corrected. This is the most important step in permanent cure of slip disc without surgery in Bangalore.
  • Cold LASER treatments use amplified lights to heal and repair damaged discs, joints, spine to improve blood flow and to reduce inflammation.
  • Electroacupuncture treatments for back pain due to slip disc include inserting needles over back and other distal areas and then stimulating needles using TENS machine, square wave electric current, can heal slip discs and can relieve back pain in just 20 minutes.
slip disc back pain symptoms

 These include stiffness over back and neck, pain in lower back and neck area after sitting for long time, pain while bending forward and touching toes. 

Also numbness, burning sensation, and tingling sensation in fingers due to cervical spondylosis caused by disc bulge or herniated disc impinging upon cervical nerves in neck area. 

Also, sciatica pain and numbness in legs and toes apart from thighs. 

lower back pain from slip disc 

Low back pain, also called as lumbago in lumbar and sacral area is very common due to slip disc at L4-l5, L5-S1 areas. When lumbar discs protrude and pinch spinal cord nerves, it causes low back pain, which exacerbates while bending forward or sitting or sleeping in one position for long time.

Upper back pain slip disk 

This is caused by slip disc in thoracic region (eg. T3-T4 disc herniation or bulged discs) that pinch thoracic spinal nerves.  

Disc bulge at cervical, lumbar, thoracic regions can also cause back pain. Bulding discs actually prolapse or protrude from intervertebral joints and press and irritate the spinal nerves and cause pain.

Slip disc homeopathy-naturOPATHY-avyurvedic treatments

I do not know homeopathy treatment for slip disc in bangalore really works as it a mechanical problems.

AcuSTAR Spine doctors also include best acupuncturists for acupressure treatment for slip disc in bangalore located as Vijayayanagar, Kengeri, Hebbal, Rajajinagar. If you have slip disc pain in back, neck with sciatica pain in legs, please seek slip disc treatment by calling 7676760107.

Typical slip disc symptoms include stiffness in back and neck, decreased range of mobility, pain while bending and rotating neck, tingling and numbness in fingers and toes, etc.

Best exercises for slip disc in youtube videos can be seen in video gallary. You can also learn more about exercises for slip disc in google search under video section.

Slip disc meaning is slipping out of nucleosis pulposis, rubber like gel inside the disc.

Actually, disc cannot slip out from alignment. Slip disc recovery time may between 2-6 months based upon nature of disease and the number of discs involved. Slip disc meaning in kannada is bennu huri seletha.

Slip disc treatment in ayurveda include massage, panchakarma, lifestyle modification, herbals, etc. I have not seen anyone saying they have got slip disc treatment in homeopathy successfully.

AcuSTAR offers best slip disc treatment near me in bangalore without surgery and the slip disc treatment cost is very low (Rs 600/sitting) compared to spine surgery in hospital who charge anywhere between 2-8 lakhs.

For slip disc treatment in hindi, please use google translator as I cannot write in Hindi. Slip disc treatment by yoga can learnt in youtube videos who teach various yoga poses for curing slip disc and herniated discs with back pain due to disc bulge. You can also go to Unani doctors who offer slip disc treatment in unani by using various herbs. If you like slip disc treatment at home, then first go to doctor and get MRI done to see exactly where problem is and then you can think of slip disc cure natural methods without surgery or physiotherapy.

in Bangalore, AcuSTAR Dr Rudresh offers best slip disc cure without surgery by using Dorn therapy, cold LASER, Blood cupping, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, please visit and call 7676760107 Slip disc cure time range between 3 to 40 weeks. Slip disc cure by acupressure is possible if you go to real medical doctor who also knows acupressure.

Stay way from fake acupressure doctors If you are searching for slip disc cure medicine, then you are wasting time as there is no medicine for slip disc cure other than pain killers. You cannot find slip disc cure in homeopathy, please do not waste time. It simply does not work. So many patients with herniated disc disease seek to avail slip disc treatment bangalore who do not want under surgery.

Then Dr Rudresh is the best slip disc spine doctor near me in Bangalore who can cure any disc disease without surgery in just few sittings. Slip disc specialist bangalore is Dr Sajjan with so many international qualifications and has trained thousands of patients successfully using natural treatment methods for herniated disc, slipped disc, bulged disc, etc.

Based upon the hospital and doctors, slip disc surgery cost in bangalore range between 2-8 laksh, but can shoot up to 20 lakhs. I insist if you want slip disc ayurvedic treatment in bangalore with top slip disc treatments in bangalore, then why cannot you visit AcuSTAR doctors in Vijayangar as they have best and natural treatments for severe back pain and neck pain due to slip disc problems.

AcuSTAR Spine and Disc clinic is rated as the best slip disc clinic near me in Bangalore with 5 star ratings in Practo, Google MyBusiness Listings, Justdial, Facebook, etc. The top slip disc doctor near me also explains exercises for slip disc patients in addition to performing treatments for slip disc inside the clinic to prevent future relapses.

Exercises for slip disc l4 l5 include spine relaxing exercise, spine decompression activities, sciatic stretches, leg pull ups while sitting on edge of table, etc. Also avoid bending head forward and bending to toe touch which can aggrevate disc problems. Exercises for slipped disc in neck include head decompresion, cervical spine decompression, sitting straight, avoiding weight on head, etc.

Exercises for slip disc recovery include exercises as advised your orthopedic doctors, spine doctors, and your physiotherapists. Exercises for slip disc in the back are mentioned in separate videos posted in youtube. AcuSTAR has chiropractic doctors and Dorn method expert who can teach your physiotherapy exercises for slip disc step by step at home and office.

Best exercises for slip disc include stretching, relaxing, light bending, extension, flexion, etc. Back strengthening exercises for slip disc are very good to avoid nerve impingement on spinal nerve roots.

AcuSTAR Spine and Disc Clinic in Bangalore is rated as the best spine clinic in Vijayanagar, Kengeri, Hebbal, Nagarabhavi with 32 five star ratings and positive feedbacks from the patients. 

 If you search for best spine clinic near me in India in Google, AcuSTAR Clinic shows up first in the search results with positive ratings from the customers.

 Slip disc treatment Ayurveda is offered in our clinic by top 10 Ayurvedic doctors who are experts in providing non-surgical treatments with Panchkarma and massage. 

 Dr Rudresh with 20 years of experience provides best treatment for slip disc in bangalore using various disc and spine manipulative therapies, such as Dorn method from Germany, Master Tung acupuncture, cold Laser, craniosacral therapy, McKenzie exercises.

 Is treatment of slip disc without surgery possible and successful, does it even work? Yes it does work. We have treated many patients who were planning spine surgery but were advised not to undergo due to complications. Using above nonsurgical spine-disc treatment modalities. herniated or bulged discs can be successfully treated without surgery.

 You can safely perform slip disc treatment exercises at home, such as McKenzei exercises, certain yoga exercises, Dorn method self-help exercises at home for pain relief from slip disc. Please visit an excellent youtube video tutorials for disc bulge exercises here 

IF you are looking for an explanation of slip disc causes, symptoms, exercises, treatments for slip disc in hindi, please visit this youtube video here

 For patients who like to have slip disc home treatments, they can first get their condition assessed by qualified doctors with MRI, then they can continue herniated disc remedies at home.

 Many patients complain that slip disc homeopathic medicine does not work and they continue to feel the pain even after taking homeo medicines as per their doctors' instructions.

Who is the best doctor for slip disc in bangalore to cure my slip disc without surgery? You can consult Dr Rudresh who has international qualifications and performs FDA and WHO-Recommended treatments for slip discs and also Dr Rudresh, slip disc specialist near me in Bangalore has treated thousands of patients with herniated disc, slip disc, disc bulge, sciatica, severe back pain, neck pain, lumbago, spinal nerve impingement numbness. 

 Best home treatment for slip disc is to perform your doctor-advised home exercises for slip disc but avoid many exercises, such as bending forward, avoiding weight lifting, squatting, running fast with barefoot.

 Many patients with stiff back and severe back pain likely to have lumbar spondylosis and seek bulging disc l4-l5 treatments by physiotherapists and spine surgeons.


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