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Acupuncture means (acus means needle and puncture means insertion) treating diseases using needles by inserting them into one of 365 acupuncture points over 14 meridians (energy highways).

 Treatment with acupuncture involves affecting the Qi or energy that flows in meridians or channels.

Learn How Acupuncture Has benefited many patients to Cure their pains

 Acupuncture needles are inserted and then twirled or manipulated to either remove energy (Qi) blockages (Qi stagnation) or change the direction of Qi flow. 

Acupuncture Video-Learn How Acupuncture Helps you to Avoid Unwanted Surgeries, Save Hospital Bills, and Escape from Side Effects of Drugs
Acupuncture Treatment
  •             WHO-World Health Organization Has approved acupuncture in 1973 and again in 2019.
  •              US-FDA recommends ER doctors to use acupuncture for pain relief in emergencies.
  •              UNESCO-recognizes the history of acupuncture.
  •              US Army Medical Corp uses Battlefield acupuncture to treat war injury victims.
  •              NASA also uses acupuncture in space.
  •              Indian Govt approves acupuncture as an independent medical system in India
  •              NIH-US has done extensive research about acupuncture using random clinical trials and has published thousands of acupuncture research papers in PubMed.
  •              Around 60% NHS-UK doctors have recommended their patients to seek acupuncture treatments.

acupressure treatments

Acupressure treatments include treating various diseases, such as pain, arthritis, paralysis, diabetes, using the application of pressure using either a acupressure device or fingers over various acupressure points (around 365 acupressure points exist) which are located over 14 Meridian across the body.

Acupressure points are very effective and do not include insertion of needles.  Acupressure includes no insertion of needles, so patients can take the treatment without fear of pain from needles or infections or bleeding.

Acupressure sittings can be taken by the patient himself or herself at home without going to clinic.  However, self-acupressure treatments usually do not work, so seek acupressure therapy by qualified and experienced acupressure therapist near your house for better results. 

Science Behind Acupressure Treatments and How it Works?

What are acupuncture side effects?

Answer: Usually acupuncture has no side effects, in fact has side benefits if it is done by an experienced and qualified medical acupuncture doctors or licence acupuncturist.

 However, acupuncture still has few side effects as listed below

1. Fainting due to hypoxic episode of the brain. This can happen due to fear of acupuncture needle or if it is first time for the patient or if there is sudden drop in blood sugar levels are blood pressure levels.

2. Abortion in pregnant women if acupuncture is performed in forbidden acupuncture points, such as LI4 in the hand.

3. Pneumothorax of the lungs when acupuncture needle peirces through chest puncturing lungs. This is very serious side effect of acupuncture which can cause death if patient is not taken into nearby Emergency Room and given prompt treatment. 

How to find top acupuncture treatments near me?

To find best acupuncture doctors near you, you need to go to Google search and search with keyword "top accupunture near me" then you can see  various listings in Google mybusiness and look for 5 star reviews and patients' feedback videos and then you can decide, which is the top acupuncture treatment near me?

Top Acupressure Points Chart

  •              Various acute and chronic pain conditions including back pain, neck pain, hip pain, disc pain, spine pain, headaches, etc.
  •              Neurological conditions, such as polio, paralysis, seizures, neuropathy, nerve degeneration, nerve pains, etc.
  •              Musculoskeletal conditions, such as arthritis, knee pain, arthrosis, joint pain and swelling, etc.

Please Visit Here to see full list of conditions that acupuncture is helpful.

acupuncture treatments costs 

The most commonly asked question is the how much acupuncture treatments costs per sitting?  My answer is it depends upon locality of clinic, acupuncture doctors, his and her qualification, experience, and the disease for which acupuncture services is offered.

 Usually acupuncture costs range from 250 rupees to 900 rupees per sitting in Bangalore. However, many acupuncture teaching facilities offer at lower cost or free acupuncture treatments at your city.

  What are the benefits of treating with acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an alternative medicine that is not only safer, economical, but also it has many benefits over Western medicine, which uses a chemical drugs or surgery which have dangerous side effects and various post-surgical complications, not to mention higher cost of surgeries.

 Following are the benefits of acupuncture therapy

  • It's very safe without any side effects or adverse drug reactions (ADRs).
  • Acupuncture has many side benefits compared to side effects as in Western medicine.
  • Treating with acupuncture doesn't require high investments such as a diagnostic machines, operation theaters, costly infrastructure, qualified super specialist, which adds to the overall cost of the Healthcare.
  • Acupuncture can treat many incurable diseases such as polio, paralysis, seizures or fits, fibromyalgia, infertility, migraines, which are not curable in modern English medicine or Western medicine or Allopathy.
  • Acupuncture services can be administered in remote areas where there is no electricity, roads, or other infrastructure. 
  • Acupuncture is very economical in terms of the treatment cost without unnecessary add-on costs such as diagnostic cost, surgical cost, ICU room charges, etc.
  • For full list of benefits of acupuncture, please clinic here.. 

Is acupuncture scientific or evidence-based medicine?

Answer: Acupuncture is certainly evidence-based as there are more than 3000 peer-reviewed clinical trials or scientific studies which are published in pubMED by NIH-USA.

 Acupuncture therapy also has been validated by allopathy doctors from 180 different countries IN 1973, who went to China and studied how acupuncture works and how effective it is? then WHO give approval for treating 145 conditions using acupuncture.

Where to find acupuncture treatment videos?

You can find the list of top acupuncture videos in youtube here..

Where can I look for acupressure treatment points?

You can find various acupressure treatments by voice searching or in YouTube videos and Google searches.

However,  here I am going to give you one of the top 10 acupressure points ebooks and top acupressure points videos, so can learn them yourself at home and treat yourself using acupressure at home. 

You can download FREE acupressure points PDF ebooks.

 You can see top acupressure points videos.

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