Acupressure FAQs

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Acupressure- FaqS; Frequently asked questions

Acupressure treatment points in hands, foot, palms, therapy, therapist near me in Bangalore for diabetes, knee pain, headache, back pain, cough, cold, etc.

What is Acupressure?

As per Merriam Webster, acupressure is nothing but applying pressure using finger or acupressure pen. It is applied to pre-defined acupressure points on the body for its therapeutic effects.                                

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What is Acupressure Therapy?

Acupressure therapy is an ancient mode of natural, drugless therapy. This includes treating various disorders, such as different pains, obesity, diabetes, asthma, etc.

Acupressure is the most simple, economical, effective therapy without drugs and its side effects. It can be anywhere, anytime by either therapist or patient himself or herself.

What is the difference between Acupressure and Acupuncture?

Acupressure includes applying pressure over meridian points without use of needles. This is noninvasive treatment. However, Acupuncture includes inserting sterile, disposable needles. These needles are inserted in various depths at the combination of one or more points.

How Acupressure Works? Does Acupressure Actually Works?

Acupressure is at least 3000 years’ old, WHO-Approved Traditional Chinese Medicine. This works on the basis of 12 meridians and 365 acupressure points. There are more than 8000 scientific studies or clinical trials (1).

Yes, Acupressure indeed works as proven by various health organizations in the World.


  • Balancing yin-yang, regulating Qi (pronounced Chi) flow in meridians.
  • Balancing yin-yang forces (two natural forces that govern the universe).
  • Makes natural pain killers (endorphins) and jams natural pain gate in neck.
  • Relaxes mind, muscles and reduces stress by producing dopamin, neuropeptides, serotonin, noradrenaline.
  • Achieves homeostasis (state of normal balance in body).

What are the Benefits of Acupressure?

  1. Acupressure is very simple, drugless therapy.
  2. It can be done by nondoctor therapist or by patient.
  3. It is safe, quick, effective without side effects.
  4. It can give quick relief to various pains like migraines, headache, high BP, diabetes, etc.
  5. Anyone can learn acupressure or Sujok in just few hours.
  6. No risks of injury or damage or high skills required.
  7. Can also work for emergencies like low BP, shock, acute chest pain, respiratory failure, cardiac arrest, epilepsy, fainting, etc.
  8. Very low cost-save lots of money from hospital admissions.

For Which Conditions or Diseases, Acupressure is Useful?

  • As per WHO guidelines, Various pains, such as knee pain, back pain, acupressure for headaches / migraines, body ache, hip pain, shoulder pain, etc.
  • Digestive disorders, such as stomach pain, lack of appetite, passing of gas or flatus, constipation, etc.
  • Disc or spine problems, such as slip disc, herniated disc, disc bulges, thinning of discks, spondylosis, or spondylitis.
  • Neurological diseases, such as diabetic neuropathy, nerve weakness, migraines, fits or epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, etc.
  • Psychiatric diseases, such as stress, sleep disturbances, anxeity, depression, mood disorders, ADHD, etc.

What are acupressure points for headache treatment? Acupressure for headache includes applying some pressure over headache points, such as Li4, GB20, Yintang, etc.

What are Acupressure points?

Acupressure points are 1 mm tiny depression over 12 meridians. They are like manholes over drainage pipes. These points allow the regulation of Qi to correct energy disturbances. There are over 365 acupressure points in the body.

Different Types of Acupressure Points include following:

  • Acupressure points over head.
  • Acupressure hand points
  • Acupressure points in foot
  • Acupressure points in palms
  • Sujok acupressure points.
  • Acupressure points for pain.

Therapeutic Classification of Acupressure Points

  1. Acupressure points for headache.
  2. Acupressure points for body pain.
  3. Acupressure points for migraines.
  4. Acupressure points for diabetes.
  5. Acupressure points for weight loss.
  6. Acupressure points for high BP.
  7. Acupressure points for knee pain.
  8. Acupressure points for back pain.
  9. Acupressure points for hip pain.
  10. Acupressure points for diabetes.

Is Acupressure Safe and Effective?

Yes, it is absolutely safe as it is noninvasive and uses no chemical drugs and has no side effects. Also, it is effective if done as per guidelines.

Which is the Best Acupressure Clinic near me in Bangalore?

AcuSTAR clinic, located in Vijayanagar Bangalore, is best acupressure and acupuncture clinic near me.

Who is the Best Acupressure therapist near me in Bangalore?

Dr. Rudresh is the best acupressure therapist in Bangalore near me.

Q: What are 3 benefits of acupuncture? A: Natural pain relief without pain killers, without side effects, feel relaxed and good sleep, increase in energy levels.

Q: Is acupuncture a permanent cure? Can I do acupuncture at home? A: Yes, acupuncture provides permanent cure for arthritis, knee pain, back pain, migraines, insomnia, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid diseases, and 144 WHO approved list of diseases.

Q: Can you do acupuncture without needles? A: Acupuncture can done without needles using digital acupressure pulse device, laser acupuncture device, cupping, moxa sticks, etc.

Q: Can acupuncture damage a nerve? A: Acupuncture can damage nerve if done by fake acupuncture doctors or newly trained acupuncturists. But acupuncture cannot damage nerves if you take treatment from genuine qualified and epxerienced acupuncture doctors like Dr Rudresh. In Bangalore 99% of acupuncture doctors are fake as no university/college offers courses in India. For genuine qualified acupuncture doctors, please contact Dr Rudresh at AcuSTAR Wellness.

Q: How do you do acupressure at home? A: You can do acupressure at home using acupressure device, laser acu device, electroacupuncture device without needles. However, you need first learn from qualified acupuncture doctors like Dr Rudresh from NASA or go to AcuSTAR wellness clinic for accurate diagnosis of your problems and get acu points marked by Dr Rudresh and then get training to do at home acupuncture or acupressure treatments.

Q: How many sessions of acupuncture are effective? A: This is most commonly asked question by new patient at acupuncture clinic. It depends upon patient’s condition/diagnosis/age. Generally, 12 to 36 sessions are needed.

Q: Is acupuncture scientifically proven effective?  A: Very good question. It is scientifically proven to work for at least 144 medical illness as outlined by WHO committee. Also, there are more than 8800 scientific papers, clinical trials by NIH, USA, which proves that acupuncture treatments are scientifically proven to work. Also, USA-FDA recommends acupuncture for emergencies and pain relief in ER. NHS hospitals in UK also recommends acupuncture treatments. NASA scientists US Army, Cruise ships also use acupuncture.

How does your service stand out?

While 99% acupuncture – acupressure doctors are fake in Bangalore, who get just 2 days training and use fake certificates and fake Dr. titile, AcuSTAR Wellness doctors are real medical doctors with 6 years medical college training with additional 11 years of international training in acupuncture, functional medicine, chiropractic, clinical nutrition from USA, Spain, Germany, Colombo with 23 years of experience of working for American hospitals with real experience.

Do you have a standard pricing system for your services? If so, please share the details here

Yes, acupressure-acupuncture is for 600 per hour for full body treatments and infrared suana chamber therapy is for 1500, cupping for 750, hajama for 1000, chiropractic for 2500.

What is your typical process when working with a new client?

1) Introduction. 2) History and physical 3) Physical/pulse/tongue examination. 4) Case history. 5) Diagnosis and prognosis and treatment plan 6) Treatment and follow up plan.

What educational background and/or professional qualifications do you have in your field of practice?

Dr Harsha, MBBS, MD from Bangalore University, MD Acu, Working at BMC/Victoria Dr Rudresh, BDS, MD Acu (Colombo), D.Acu (Spain), FMed (USA), MDAc, B.Acu, D.Chiro (Germany), 23 years of experience.

How did you get started doing this type of work?

Started in 2001 in our college for students, got good results, started clinic

What types of clients have you worked with?

ISRO Scientists Govt Officials (Govt of India, Joint Secretory, YUVA Sports officials} NSS officials IT professionals Govt / Pvt Doctors/DHOs

Describe a recent project you enjoyed. How long did it take?

Diabetes Cure-Reversal Research Clinical-Pharmaceutical Drug-Data, Clinical Trial Research EMR software development Clinical Coding for USA HOSPITALS Acupuncture Camps in India and Abroad

What advice would you give a client looking to hire a Professional in your domain?

Please take acupuncture services only from top qualified real medical doctors with experience.

What questions should clients think through before talking to Professionals about their project?

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